High winds and foam do not mix.  For the safety of your guests and our staff, we can't set up if it's super windy or high winds are expected. A breeze or light wind is acceptable, but keep in mind that wind may/can blow the foam in unintended directions.

If it's super windy on the day of your event you can either re-schedule the foam party, receive a full refund, or we can have an indoor magic show instead!

Reschedule: You will have one year from your originally booked date to apply your payment to an available rescheduled date/time.

Refund: Customer service is a priority for us!  We offer a 100% no-hassle refund if weather interferes with your party.  Mother nature may not cooperate with you, but we always do!

Magic Show: Let's just move the party inside and have a magic show!  You can simply apply your payment towards one of our magic show packages and we'll keep the kids entertained that way.

Visit us at https://www.ChrisCrossMagic.com to select a show package!